Post-Marriage Portraits

These photos were taken as part of a series to document my experience going through the end of my marriage in Budapest, Hungary. Photography by Nannette Vinson.

Pepto Bismol Commercial

I was cast to be the "casting director" for this Pepto  Bismol commercial shot in Budapest.   My job was to teach all of the 'contestants' to say "Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea" and cheer them on as they auditioned. Most of the people did not speak a lick of English.  This project took all day and was hilarious as well as somewhat heartbreaking since these people had no idea that they were the brunt of the joke.

The Shelias

Humbolt Park Thrill Party, Chicago, The Shelias, movement piece, choreographed by Ania Greiner, 2003

After Baldessari

Columbia College Television Studio, Chicago, After Baldessari, live, collaborative chroma-key video performance, 2003

SurFace Performance

Athenaeum Theater, Chicago, Fluxcore Art Collaborative Show, SurFace, video and movement performance, 2004

Double Ritual