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Paula Brett is a truly creative, talented, and professional artist. My family and I have purchased several of her unique and incredible candalas and we couldn’t be any happier by our purchases. Every time we see the piece, it adds a little bit of joy to each day and our guests truly love them as well. We have also purchased some of her abstract pieces and we get the same amount of joy from those as well. Paula is a delight to work with and extremely professional. We are lucky to have met her and will continue to be friends with her in the years to come.

Harley Langberg, New York, New York


It is difficult to articulate into words how incredibly beautiful Paula Brett’s artwork is, and I think this is because it is beyond beautiful. It is an energetic expression of some kind that is constantly shifting and changing and sharing and comforting and speaking to me on many different levels. The painting, Lake of Forgiveness, came to my husband and I at the perfect time in our marriage and it has become the focal point of our entire home.

Tricia Schuster, Tampa, FL, Founder of Ziritonomy


Paula Brett’s work is all over my apartment. Each room of my place has something she created. I bought her work for my mother, who equally loves what Paula has to offer. I absolutely adore her use of color! Each time I have a visitor over, they head straight for the art and share in my adoration. Her work is thought-provoking and makes me (and my guests) feel happy! I bought my first piece barely knowing her, and after talking with her at that first show, she became my long-time friend. When you buy from Paula, you not only get amazing artwork, you get it from an amazing person! Paula has a lifelong supporter in me!

Meghan Wulff, Seattle, WA, Content Manager,


I own the original painting, “Wherever You Are In the Journey” and it sets such a peaceful mood in my home. I get all kinds of comments. I refer people through to your site all the time.

Rich Campagna, San Diego, CA, Vice President, Kaiser Permanente


Your piece was THE VERY FIRST thing hung on the walls of OUR home when I moved in with my husband the week before our wedding. It so perfectly symbolizes beauty, unity, uniqueness, love and sunshine, while reminding us how blessed we are to have such incredibly talented friends in our lives. It’s a smile-creator and a mood-lifter.

Stacy Hillmer, Sumter, SC, Owner/Designer at Hillmer Design

My home is more beautiful because of your art. Love the colors in the piece, they are totally my favorite.

Suzie Oliva, Tampa, FL


Just a BIG thank you for creating a piece that speaks so strongly to me. Never thought someone else’s work could do that.

James Simmons, Tampa, FL, Licensed Massage Therapist