Posting, posting...123

Most of the commitments that I make to do something daily end up with me breaking them.  Why is that?  Could it be that I make unrealistic expectations of myself, or that I feel compelled to rebel, or worse yet...some sort of self-sabotage.   Well, whatever it is...I don't plan to analyze it long.  I'd rather just accept it and keep going for the point of the exercise and not focus on the trips. With all of that said-  I didn't go to the studio this weekend, but did have a pinhole photo shoot with this dying bouquet-

Reflected Mum

And today- had a lot going on this morning and only got to the studio around 4-  and played with some more monoprinting- not thinking this is my favorite process.  Maybe could like these after some ink and drawing was applied- but not even really liking that idea.  I think I enjoy the direct process more.

Monoprint experiments