Monotype and Gifts!

Today I spent some time in the studio organizing, cleaning, prepping some canvases (canvaii?) and monotyping!  Monotype, or monoprint is a process where the paint is applied to a rigid surface (plexi, glass, a tabletop, etc.) and then paper is placed on top of the wet paint to receive a print of the paint.  It makes only one print, hence the name monoprint.  So today, I worked with my new Golden Open Acrylic paints on some plexi and made a little landscape print.  Fun. Untitled Landscape #1

I also did a little self-portait photo shoot-- here's one of me all smiley in the studio.


Over the course of this past week, I have received some beautiful, heart-felt gifts from two very lovely ladies in my life.   The first gift was from my long-time friend from high school,  Erika Yeager.  It's been several years since we've seen each other- and now keep up mostly on facebook.   She lives in Boulder and I am constantly amazed by her beautiful photos and her snowy adventures.  Look at this beautiful gift and the packaging, too!

boulder side package

tampa side package

orange box and bracelet

Isn't it LOVELY!!  Well, this photo doesn't really do it justice.  It's a shiny and sparkly and pink and orange bracelet that was enclosed in a sweet little orange peel box.   And if that isn't enough-- Nancy, her mom, who is a super-talented knitter sent me this adorable cat bed for Lulu.  I love the violet fringe surrounding the deep, rich almost felted looking knitted bottom.   I caught Lu using it today.

cat bed and coffee

She also put some coffee beans in there for me!  ALL OF THIS GENEROSITY and it's not even my birthday month!  THANK YOU MY SWEETEST FRIENDS!!  I am feeling the love....