Fence Dance

This is a dance for video performance piece I created for Spec Performance.

Busking Bride

“Busking Bride” is a video montage that explores Brett’s personal experience of being both a foreign bride and divorcée in Budapest, Hungary. In this performance documentary, Brett dons her wedding gown and a wig, buys some beers, and heads to a bustling, seedy underground passageway to drum a cardboard box for tips. Onlookers are both shocked and delighted to read the words,”Valofelben Vagyok” (”In the process of divorcing”) written behind her. Although the divorce rate in Hungary is just as high as in the USA, it is considered shameful. Performed in the underpass at Nyugati ter, May 2008.

Roll of Paper and I

Who is the muse? In “Roll of Paper and I” two artists simultaneously perform creative acts before the camera– one dances, the other sculpts with paper–yet both of these artists are one. The relationship between the two shifts throughout the duration of the piece, creating various tensions and harmonies. “Roll of Paper and I” is composed of two improvised performances for camera set to piano roll selections from the Follies of 1910, recorded on a player piano. The piece, being somewhat whimsical in nature, also refers to “follies”, as both theatrical productions and architectural constructions. Who or what is the muse is to be defined by the viewer.

Camera Dance

On Saturday May 12, 2007 at 12:00 GMT Wayne Brett and Paula Brett (in London and Budapest, respectively) pointed their cameras towards one another and performed a “Camera Dance”.

A Stone in the Heart Sometimes

Proposal for “A Stone in the Heart Sometimes” Video Installation, 2008

True Confessions of a Dyke’s Daughter

True Confessions of a Dyke’s Daughter, 2 channel video installation, Vietnam Veteran’s Art Museum, Chicago, 2005. Excerpt of “True Confessions of a Dyke’s Daughter”, Video Installation, 2005

Cake Mix

Excerpt from “Cake Mix”, 2003 In this experimental video, the camera is placed inside an American diner-style revolving cake display. As the foreground focuses on the texture and colors of the cakes, the background rotates from scenes inside the diner to outside the windows. Keeping with the idea of spinning, the audio track plays a cyclical sequence of three personal accounts of “serendipitous occurrences” told by three different people.

Talking to Myself

Excerpt from “Talking to Myself”, 2006

In this video, artists of various disciplines are brought into a room with a video camera and asked the question, “What do you need to tell yourself the most?” In this confession-like scenario, the artist reveals aspects of their personalities for the camera with candor, humor, and humanity.