Full/Fill is large scale mandala project using shopping carts from big box stores arranged in parking lots and photographed with a drone. "Through the use of the shopping cart, an item that is both utilitarian and a designed marketing tool, I examine relationships between consumption as a necessity, consumerism as an activity and the psychology and spirituality behind the need to 'fill our carts'." - Paula Brett


For Adult Eyes Only

When I have an idea, I have to run with it.  And that's exactly what I did! After I started making the mandalas out of candy, I thought- I want to do this with EVERYTHING!!  Yes!!!!!

And then I thought I should  probably narrow that down.  A bit.  Ideas kept coming and I really wasn't sure where to go.

Inspiration came from a comment my photographer, Robert Sargent , made when photographing one of my mandalas- "You're really bringing out my addictions here."

Hmmm.... a series of mandalas on addictions/addictive behaviors!  Lots of possibilities! Bring the light to the dark!  Merge them... play with the sacred and the profane.

And of course, I had to start with the one I thought would be most fun- SEX!!  And what better way to depict this than through TOYS!

A wonderful local store and staff allowed me to come in and open so many packages and create this mandala out of all of these --- things.

So, here's the first in a series. Not sure exactly where it will lead, but it's starting!

What do you think??









Candy Mandalas

Mandala is a Sanskrit word: manda= essence, la=within; it is a circle that contains the essence. The mandala symbolizes the laws of the universe and, since man is a microcosm of the universe, many cultures believe that the mandala also symbolizes the human soul.

My intention with these Candalas is to arrange everyday sweets in a pattern which becomes sacred, where delicious turns divine, the enticing now exquisite.

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