I had to scrub the wall...

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It was all my idea. "Let's get out the tempera paints and paint the back of the garage! It'll wash off-- we can test it first!" I said. And it was so much fun no one bothered to test, until my trusting husband asked me, "Are you sure this is going to wash off?" So, this gorgeous family painting lasted only about 6 minutes tops before it was hosed down. And then scrubbed, with bathroom cleaner. Vigorously.

Luckily, I have tested how to make mandalas in my studio and they ARE temporary. Until they are photographed and then printed. And then they are gloriously permanent.

The Mandala Making Workshop is coming next Thursday, October 9th in my studio in Tampa. It's already half-full. I'm not sure if I'll be doing another one of these again this year, so if you are at all inclined to join in on the fun- NOW is the time.

Here is your registration form. Fill it out today!

If you need more information, check it out here.

Much love to you my friend, and remember, use washable paint on your house.



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