I really don't know how long I can stare at fabrics.  I guess it's a long time since I've been doing A LOT of it lately.   I've gone through almost all of the online shop suggestions on this post (amazing!), to several of my local shops including Boca Bargoons and Calico Corners and finally to the shop in my mind- pretty good, I might add.  So............ I think I have finally chosen a fabric for my latest DIY project, the upholstered headboard. And....here..... it..... is.......(cymbal crash).....


So, there it is.  I think this is the one.  I'm still thinking it's a little more trendy than I wanted, but what the hell.  It's works with all the other elements, and passes the bagua test.

Kind of can't believe that I'm blogging about this, but that's the latest art for now.  I guess I should embrace it.  Feeling a little guilty for not being in the studio, but that's an old story.  Whew!  Personal revelations whilst blogging!  Guilt be gone.  Designing is a guilty pleasure.  Oh yeah, baby.

Oh yes, work WAS done- had an interview today to teach a workshop and  hopefully a course at the Life Enrichment Center here in Tampa!   And that will be very fun.  I  do miss teaching and am looking forward to putting together an exciting curriculum!

Ok, more to come....

wait- here is a pic of the headboard in current state of progress!~

who is that STUD?, he asks.