How Are You Going To Have Creative Breakthroughs For Life?

You've done the work and started down the path towards a new way of creating and thinking about your art.  It's a new way of being that will have you fully energized and creating with joy and purpose!  You don't want to slip back to that old routine where you can get bogged down, feeling lost and confused about what to do next with your art and your time. 

So, how do you capitalize on the momentum you're in right now? You say YES to the next step on the journey to mastering Creative Breakthroughs in your life. 


There are Three Ways to Master Anything:

  1. Learn from someone who has already mastered it.
  2. Surround yourself with other people who are working on mastering it.
  3. Accountability. 

Not everyone learns the same way, so I've come up with 3 Options for you to Have Creative Breakthroughs For Life! 

**Please don't share this page with anyone outside of our Beta course...these are JUST FOR YOU! 

**All offers expire on Friday February 2nd at Midnight EST.

This option gives you lifetime access ONLY to this specific course which includes:

  • Continued Access to Creative Breakthroughs once the current BETA ends on Jan. 31st.
  • Continued access to our private feedback Facebook group
  • Be able to join every Live Launch of this course in the future (one to two times a year)
  • Have access to all future updates that I personally make to this course with immediate improvements including (but not limited to:
    • More exercises on breaking through blocks
    • Expanded lessons and exercises on value, color and design
    • Individual how-to videos on improving compositions


As well as everything Creative Alumni receives, Creative for Life offers you an amazing opportunity (and HUGE VALUE) to access every online course that I will ever make!!

  • This is irrespective of the course length or price- If I make it, you get it. DONE.
  • The ideas I have for courses are numerous, but what you can expect in the next 12-36 months are courses about the following:
    • Marketing and Selling Your Art 101
    • Practice and All is Coming- Movement+Art (a mini-course)
    • An Expanded and In-Depth Course that covers the Basics of Color, Design and Composition
    • Mixed-Up Media- an intro to using a WIDE range of materials in unconventional ways






  • As a BETA VIP you get all the benefits of a Creative for Life, plus the personal attention of your very own coach!
  • You will receive one month of personalized coaching sessions (4x60 min sessions) worth $1200 at my normal rate.
  • Your coaching can cover anything you need help with from technique and series help to marketing yourself online, to planning your art career.
  • By now you know my general coaching style, but with personal attention I will give you all I've got and keep you accountable for making it happen!


Early Adopter's Bonus--60 minutes Coaching WORTH $297

For the first 10 to sign up for ANY of the packages above, you will receive a 60 minute one-on-one laser coaching session where we will: 

  • Critique your series and other work in-depth
  • Identify where you need to focus your attention
  • Map the next steps for your artwork
  • Strategize your plan for your art goals




Money Back Guarantee!

So I know a lifetime is a big offer, but you won't have to wait forever before you start reaping the benefits of your investment.  

I am so confident that I will deliver on my end of the bargain, that if I haven't created another 2 courses in the next 18 months... you will get ALL your money back! 

How is that for guaranteed value? 



How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling in one of the options above, you’ll have lifetime access! How does that sound? (For the lifetime of the course).

Will this offer be available again?

This is one time offer only. 


How do I know if I qualified for the early bird bonus 2018 coaching session?

 I’ll notify the 10 lucky early birds on Feb 3, 2018. 

What does beta for life access to other courses mean?

You’ll have a front row pass to what I’m developing and even influence on what I choose to develop. You then get first chance to join any course I develop (ever!) as a beta tester for free! 

What is the refund policy?

These special offers are loaded with value and a course you’ve already had access to test. I don’t offer refunds on coaching or one-on-one time. For this reason there is not a refund period for these offers (except the guarantee that I will produce 2 new courses in the next 18 months!) You’ve had a chance to test our my style of coaching and if it works…jump on one of these offers as they are a huge savings! If you have any questions before joining one of these offers, please message me privately and we'll get you to clarity.

What happens to my current access to the course and FB group if I don’t take you up on the offer?

You will have access to the course until January 31st and the FB group until February 2nd, 2018.  


Don't miss the chance to invest in your dreams...