Cloud Sky Painting


Today I took photos of my painting process.  I am trying to resolve some older paintings that had no idea where they were going.  A horizon line always helps me to focus.  So, here are some Van Gogh-esque clouds over a colorful body of water.  I’ve started to literally draw right on the canvas with […]

Abstract Landscapes


Impressions of landscapes- places that are worldly- yet not of this world-  color shifting and the interplay of one layer on top of another- being swept up in the moment. To purchase an original, please contact me.   Please visit my Print Gallery to purchase prints on paper or canvas.

Parallel Landscapes

Joined Energy

These pieces are inspired by horizons. The Parallel Landscape Series is an intuitive interpretation of the many landscapes I saw and experienced while living abroad. They are a way to comprehend all that occurs simultaneously and yet exists uniquely for each of us. “Sunday” and “Double Landscape” are on display in the office of Maison […]

Familiar Portrait


The viewer enters a room hung with walls of white spandex, hearing sounds of tinny voices and a floor being swept. Four internally lit columns holding masses of white doughy looking material stand between the walls. In the middle of this “maze”, two circular shaped video projections of hands are playing. Reaching toward the lens, […]