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Mass Manifesting Mobile

At the Figment Festival on Governor’s Island in NYC, Joanne Morton, Florence  Corrigan Wang and I facilitated a Mass Manifesting Mobile- an interactive installation where people wrote their fondest dreams they wished to manifest into reality.

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A Stone in the Heart Sometimes

Proposal for “A Stone in the Heart Sometimes” Video Installation, 2008

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Familiar Portrait

The viewer enters a room hung with walls of white spandex, hearing sounds of tinny voices and a floor being swept. Four internally lit columns holding masses of white doughy looking material stand between the walls. In the middle of this “maze”, two circular shaped video projections of hands are playing. Reaching toward the lens, being wrung or nervously smoothing fabric on laps, the hands videos are a rich complementary color combination of positive and negative overlays. Using my own family members who reside in three different cities, I use recorded phone messages and conversations to reveal stories of loss and personal coping mechanisms in this mysterious space. The overlapped voices and hands introduce the three personalities who share information, memories, and gestures.

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Ephemeral Installations

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