Paula Brett

Paula Brett is an award-winning artist making the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

Celebrity Sale!

So, the other day I was on the phone talking to my gallery in Boston about bizznisss and the gallerist said to me, “Well, here’s something to put under your cap, {Famous Celebrity} just bought three of your pieces for his vacation home.”  (They don’t want me to publicize who, so […]

The Candalas are going to Dylan’s Candy Bar!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SWEET SPIRIT: DYLAN’S CANDY BAR PRESENTS ARTIST PAULA BRETT’S CANDY MANDALAS New York, NY, November 13, 2013– Tampa artist Paula Brett known for her candy mandalas, or as she terms them “candalas”, has teamed up with Dylan’s Candy Bar to have four of her works featured in […]


Candy Mandalas

Mandala is a Sanskrit word: manda= essence, la=within; it is a circle that contains the essence.

The mandala symbolizes the laws of the universe and, since man is a microcosm of the universe, many cultures believe that the mandala also symbolizes the human soul.

My intention with these Candalas is to arrange everyday sweets in a pattern which becomes sacred, where delicious turns divine, the enticing now exquisite.