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Camera Dance

On Saturday May 12, 2007 at 12:00 GMT Wayne Brett and Paula Brett (in London and Budapest, respectively) pointed their cameras towards one another and performed a “Camera Dance”.

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Roll of Paper and I

Who is the muse? In “Roll of Paper and I” two artists simultaneously perform creative acts before the camera– one dances, the other sculpts with paper–yet both of these artists are one. The relationship between the two shifts throughout the duration of the piece, creating various tensions and harmonies. “Roll of Paper and I” is composed of two improvised performances for camera set to piano roll selections from the Follies of 1910, recorded on a player piano. The piece, being somewhat whimsical in nature, also refers to “follies”, as both theatrical productions and architectural constructions. Who or what is the muse is to be defined by the viewer.

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