Paula Brett

Paula Brett is an award-winning artist making the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

Talking to Myself

Excerpt from “Talking to Myself”, 2006 In this video, artists of various disciplines are brought into a room with a video camera and asked the question, “What do you need to tell yourself the most?” In this confession-like scenario, the artist reveals aspects of their personalities for the camera with […]


Birds of Passage, site-specific performance collaborative with Jennifer Monson’s BirdBrain Dance with Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago 2004. Part of a performance class taught by Joan Dickinson in the Interdisciplinary Arts Department at Columbia College Chicago.


Gate Spiral

This sculptural installation inspired by the landscape of Northeastern Scotland and the ritual of Tibetan monks’ sand mandala paintings. The piece was created from discarded planar objects found in abandoned grist mills in Lumsden, Scotland. Each object was re-painted in a one solid bright color and placed on posts with hinges, to resemble swinging gates. They were then installed in a farmer’s field in a spiral pattern, surrounded by local gorse flowers. The entire installation went up in one day and scheduled to be taken down on the following day.

Gate Spiral, site-specific sculptural installation, Lumsden, Scotland, 2000.